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How to Convert Attendees Who Don’t Buy During the Webinar

post webinar conversionsIn a perfect world, you’d convert every person who attends your webinar.

Each attendee would stay all the way to the end, listen to your pitch with excitement, and click through to your call to action as soon as you gave the word.

Of course, odds are, many or most of your attendees aren’t going to make a purchase during your webinar.

But that’s okay.

A lot of sales take place after an event is over. In some cases, MOST of the sales are made after it’s over.

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Why Webinar Attendees Leave Early (and How to Prevent It)

why webinar attendees leaveYou’ve worked hard to put together an awesome webinar…and the day finally comes to put it into action. With visions of conversions and new customers in your head, you’re excited about the opportunity.

The LAST thing you want is for attendees to leave your webinar early. All that hard work, and they don’t even stick around for your well-crafted call to action at the end? Sounds terrible, right?

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5 Entrepreneurs and Businesses Dominating with Webinars

dominate_with_webinarsEntrepreneurs and businesses everywhere are taking advantage of webinars. In fact, for some, webinars are the complete foundation of their business.

From weekly webinars generating hundreds of thousands of dollars per month, to informative webinars that primarily build the know/like/trust factor, these entrepreneurs and businesses are leveraging online seminars to grow to the next level.

We’ve picked out a few success stories, and outline what they’re up to…

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Why Isn’t EVERYONE Taking Advantage of Webinars?

webinar objections and advantagesHere at MeetingBurner, we LOVE webinars.

We’ve seen all of the ways webinars can benefit a business, and all of the value they bring… attracting new leads, building authority, making sales, establishing loyalty. The possibilities are endless.

But there’s one question we’ve came across that’s baffled us for a while.

If webinars are so great…

Why aren’t more people taking advantage of them?

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