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Free Webinars vs. Paid Webinars: Which is Right for Your Business?

Paid Webinar vs. Free Webinar

If you’ve been following along our blog, you know just how powerful and game-changing webinars can be for your business.

They present a unique opportunity for you to build trust with your audience, and accelerate their path from prospect to customer.

But what about making the webinar the product itself? That is, charging people to attend? Is this an option? Is it a good option?

There’s no single answer when it comes to free webinars vs. paid webinars. Let’s start with…

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5 Books Every Webinar Host Should Read

5 webinar books

As an entrepreneur, you should always be aiming to grow – especially when it comes to your knowledge and expertise in your business.

But you need a broad range of skills – and not just skills that are directly related to your business. You see, no matter what your business, you’ll need to tell a good story, market the right way, and understand how to sell.

These kinds of skills are especially crucial when it comes to something like hosting a webinar.

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The Webinar Process that Lands Consulting Clients Like Crazy

webinar process for consultants

If you run any type of coaching or consulting business, this article is for you…

Because through the use of webinars, you could be making 5 figures or more per month.

You see, webinars present a unique opportunity for you.

They allow you to build quick trust with your audience – and you can run them in an evergreen way.

Done right, webinars can be a constant lead-generator of high ticket coaching and consulting clients.

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How to Boost Webinar Attendance & Sales Through Affiliates

boosting webinar attendance with affiliates

We’ve talked about several ways to boost registrations and attendance for your webinars. But we’ve yet to touch on affiliates.

Using affiliates can be a great way to attract new qualified leads to your webinar, and on to your list. That’s because affiliates often have targeted lists of people who have similar (or the same) interests/struggles/goals as your audience – and so, with the right recommendation and offer they often qualified and ready to buy.

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Product Creation – How to Choose the Right Product to Create

Product Creation Tips

Do you have a “flagship” product for your business? In other words, a primary product that your business has become identified with?

Coming up with the right niche to serve, and product to create can propel your  business to the next level.

But it requires careful planning: You need to:

  • Make sure the concept is validated (so you don’t waste time creating something that won’t sell)
  • Aim to solve the right problem
  • Do the research
  • Test

These elements are especially important for creating a flagship product, but they are helpful for any new product release you may be planning.

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