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Can You Pre-Sell Your Product on a Webinar BEFORE Creating It?

pre-sell webinarHave you ever spent weeks or even months toiling over a product, only for it to be a dud? You plan the product, create it, develop sales and marketing materials, and anxiously await its launch date… but when it arrives, only a couple sales trickle in…

It can be pretty demoralizing.

Wouldn’t it be nice to sell your product before you have to put that time in to create it? And know without a doubt that people will buy?

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A Webinar Headline “Secret” that Can Quadruple Registrations

Effective Webinar Titles / HeadlinesWhen it comes to your webinar, what’s one of the first things people see?

Your webinar title.

That is – your headline.

Because that’s really what it is.

The title of your webinar is stops people in their tracks, engages them, and pulls them into your funnel. It’s what gets listed in your email promo, sits atop your registration page, gets tweeted on Twitter and posted on Facebook.

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Crafting Effective Emails to Promote Your Webinar

promoting a webinar using emailAn email list is one of the most valuable resources for your business. It allows you to cut through the noise and communicate directly with your customers and prospects.

Email can be especially helpful when you want to promote a webinar.

For example, if you have an email list of 5,000 people, and just 30% of people open it, and 30% of those people click the link and register, that’s 450 potential webinar guests!

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How to Set Effective Webinar Goals, and Achieve Them

Setting webinar goalsBoth in life and in business, setting goals is important.

When it comes to webinars, your goals will play a large part of your success (or failure). If you don’t have a clear purpose or understanding of what you want to achieve, it’s difficult to achieve anything significant.

It goes along with the old axiom…

“If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.”

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5 Movies that Will Improve Your Public Speaking Skills

public speaking moviesGood public speaking skills give you a big edge when hosting online meetings and webinars helping you speak with confidence, command the audience, and keep them invested in your presentation.

Of course, some of us aren’t born with great public speaking ability. It’s something we learn over time by taking action, or learning from others who are great at it.

Attending webinars and speeches by other experts is one good way to do that. But it may not be the most entertaining.

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