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Is it Time to Host a Webinar? 5 Questions to Ask Yourself.

is it the right time to host a webinarA webinar can be a powerful tool for your business. We’ve gone over its potential benefits on this blog time and again, and there are almost too many to name.

But you might be wondering is now the right time to do it?

The truth is, it depends on a few different factors.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself before you host your next webinar…

1. Do you have a plan to monetize it?

A webinar can be great for showing your expertise and educating prospects. It should offer a lot of value in that regard – but ideally, you should have a plan of action for monetizing the webinar, both immediately and in the future.

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4 Webinar Myths That Can Derail Your Success

5 webinar mythsDo you believe in the Loch Ness monster? How about Bigfoot?

Myths are all around us…and you probably don’t believe most of them.

But some myths go under the radar and get mistaken for reality. For example, for generations, our ancestors believed the world was flat and that the sun revolved around it.

These “believable” myths are threaded into the business world as well. And the webinar presentation is surrounded by a few myths – and these myths deter many would-be webinar successes from ever hosting one.

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How to Stop Saying “Filler Words” And Give Better Presentations

Saying "um" during speeches?Have you ever listened to a presentation where the speaker mutters, “Um” after every other sentence?

Odds are, you quickly lost your attention and started to focus on the annoying and rhythmic “um’s” that kept popping up every few seconds…

…And the speaker’s message fell on deaf ears.

Filler words are a more common issue than you may think.

And it’s not even just sounds like “um”. It can also be words like “basically”, “actually”, “literally”, “you know”, etc.

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How (and Why) to Conduct a Webinar Dry Run

webinar dry runPreparation is often key in many ventures, and this is especially true when it comes to webinars. If things don’t go smoothly, attendees could scramble for the exits… or worse, the webinar may not happen at all.

The answer is a webinar dry run.

With the NFL preseason in full swing, a game walk-through is an apt and timely analogy.

Usually on the day before the game, NFL teams will have a full game walk-through where they literally walk through the entire game plan. It assures coaches and players that everybody is on the same page, and that they’re all ready for the game. If they are any slip-ups or questions throughout, they can be easily addressed… before results count.

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4 Ways to Make Your Next Webinar More Interactive

make webinar interactiveWe’re always stressing the importance of creating an engaging webinar. One that grabs the attention of your attendees and doesn’t let go. That’s the only way to ensure they stay focused, listen to your message, and hopefully take action.

One of the best ways to create engagement is to make your webinar more interactive. In other words, allowing your attendees to do more than just listen and watch – and actually play a part in the webinar.

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