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5 Entrepreneurs and Businesses Dominating with Webinars

dominate_with_webinarsEntrepreneurs and businesses everywhere are taking advantage of webinars. In fact, for some, webinars are the complete foundation of their business.

From weekly webinars generating hundreds of thousands of dollars per month, to informative webinars that primarily build the know/like/trust factor, these entrepreneurs and businesses are leveraging online seminars to grow to the next level.

We’ve picked out a few success stories, and outline what they’re up to…

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Why Isn’t EVERYONE Taking Advantage of Webinars?

webinar objections and advantagesHere at MeetingBurner, we LOVE webinars.

We’ve seen all of the ways webinars can benefit a business, and all of the value they bring… attracting new leads, building authority, making sales, establishing loyalty. The possibilities are endless.

But there’s one question we’ve came across that’s baffled us for a while.

If webinars are so great…

Why aren’t more people taking advantage of them?

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8 Awesome MeetingBurner Features You’re Not Using (Yet)

MeetingBurner Cool FeaturesMeetingBurner is a great tool for hosting profitable and engaging webinars, as well as productive and efficient meetings.

We’re proud to have served over 100,000 customers, and millions of attendees with our platform.

But, some of our coolest features are, on the whole, being under-utilized. These are features that can help you:

  • get more exposure
  • understand your target market better
  • achieve better and more targeted attendee followup
  • increase your profits

The good news? We’re going to shed light on these features right here, so you can start using them and get even more out of your MeetingBurner software.

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7 Keys to Remote Meetings with Your Distributed Team

remote meetingsDistributed teams are becoming more and more popular in today’s work environment. Many people are even saying that remote teams are the future.

And it’s no surprise. With distributed teams, you can work with talent from all over the world, save money on overhead, and employees are actually more engaged.

Yes, distributed teams can work well.

But there is a distinct disadvantage: the lack of in-person, face-to-face communication.

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How to Start Your Webinar with a Bang… Not a Bust

start your webinar with a bangThey say it’s not how you start, it’s how you finish.

And while that may be true in some cases, especially sporting events, it’s less true for others…

Like webinars.

If you don’t get your webinar off to a good start, your attendees will zone out and focus their attention elsewhere, or leave the webinar altogether.

Just as they don’t want to waste their time in a boring, confusing, uninformative or overly “salesy” marketing event, you don’t want to waste your time speaking to an audience that’s checking their email or surfing the web.

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