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How (and Why) to Conduct a Webinar Dry Run

webinar dry runPreparation is often key in many ventures, and this is especially true when it comes to webinars. If things don’t go smoothly, attendees could scramble for the exits… or worse, the webinar may not happen at all.

The answer is a webinar dry run.

With the NFL preseason in full swing, a game walk-through is an apt and timely analogy.

Usually on the day before the game, NFL teams will have a full game walk-through where they literally walk through the entire game plan. It assures coaches and players that everybody is on the same page, and that they’re all ready for the game. If they are any slip-ups or questions throughout, they can be easily addressed… before results count.

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4 Ways to Make Your Next Webinar More Interactive

make webinar interactiveWe’re always stressing the importance of creating an engaging webinar. One that grabs the attention of your attendees and doesn’t let go. That’s the only way to ensure they stay focused, listen to your message, and hopefully take action.

One of the best ways to create engagement is to make your webinar more interactive. In other words, allowing your attendees to do more than just listen and watch – and actually play a part in the webinar.

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7 Quotes That Will Make You a Better Public Speaker

public speaking quotesTo put on an awesome webinar, it helps to be a great public speaker.

We know that might scare some of you… seeing as how public speaking is such a widespread fear. But we’re here to tell you that you’re going to do great. That great delivery doesn’t require charisma or perfection. That you have slides to help hold your audience’s attention. That if you present on a topic you’re passionate about, you’ll come out a winner.

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How to Run a Successful Scrum Meeting with a Remote Team

scrum meeting daily stand-upThe rapid rise of distributed teams in today’s professional atmosphere brings along some new challenges – like remote meetings.

We’ve already talked about how to run a regular remote meeting with your distributed team, but we haven’t touched on the fast-paced scrum type of meeting that so many businesses run on a daily basis.

The scrum meeting, also known as the daily stand-up, gathers your software development team to discuss project status updates, project goals, what needs to be done, and the challenges the team is facing.

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How to Captivate Your Audience with Awesome Webinar Slides

awesome webinar slides

Compelling visual content plays a huge role in the success of your webinar.

Without it, the audience just hears your voice, and their attention is more likely to be thwarted by the many distractions of an open laptop with an internet connection.

But all slides are not created equal. It’s important to have a quality visual presentation if want to keep your audience’s attention for the entire webinar.

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