Beta Updates Round Three: Recordings, Skype and SMS Integration

We want to take this opportunity to share with you some new improvements and highlight a couple features that we hope you’ll take advantage of. We also have a few cool new features up our sleeve that we’re excited to tell you about. But first, we want to share some great news!

We’ve gone ahead and doubled the room size from 25 to 50 participants for all Beta users. Plus, we’re starting to open up a few 100 participant rooms. If you want to be one of the first to try them out, email and request a bigger room!


Listed below are just a few of the improvements we’ve been making to MeetingBurner.


By popular demand, we focused our improvments on recordings. They’re not only more reliable, they’re also processed faster. And, we send you a notification when the processing is finished so you don’t have to keep checking to see when they show up. Not to mention we size them appropriately so they actually fit on your screen! We also added the ability to easily share your recordings on Facebook.

Advanced Settings Page

We added some new advanced option to our Settings page. Don’t like Auto-pause? Now you can turn it off. Click My Meetings and then the Settings button to access this. On that page, you can also adjust sharing quality, screen loading style, and more. Check it out so you can set up your meeting room exactly how you want it.

Export Participant List

You can now export your participant list! To access this feature, click on My Meetings -> Meeting Archive -> Participant Summary, and then Export.

Infrastucture Updates

We also made lots of good techie behind-the-scenes updates so that your meetings are more secure and reliable.

Feature Highlights

This week we’re going to highlight two features:

Skype Integration

Have Skype? You can click a single button and instantly connect in with your conference bridge. Your participants can do it too. This is a great option if you’re international, or if you just don’t feel like picking up a phone.

Text Message Reminders

Text Message Reminders allow your participants to enter their cell phone number on your meeting registration form. That allows us to send them a quick meeting reminder 10 minutes before your meeting. If you haven’t tried this yet, now’s your chance. This is a premier account level feature but we’re giving it to everyone during our Beta period. This feature is found under My Meetings -> Manage this Meeting -> Registration.

Coming Soon

  • First things first, we are working on a full-screen mode where you can minimize the panel on the left to get maximum screen real estate. We’ve received this request multiple times so I know many of you will be excited that we’re getting it done.
  • While the Android phones can view meetings without a hitch, we still need to do some work so the iPhone and iPad can do the same.
  • And finally, we’re going to launch a feature at the end of the month that I can’t actually tell you about. It’s nothing I’ve seen before in this industry. I’m desperate to give you a hint but don’t want to ruin the surprise. Stay tuned.

Alright, that’s all the updates this time around. I want to extend a huge thank you to everyone who is using our software and helping to make it better. For those of you who have taken the time to submit feedback and suggestions, you get a slightly bigger thank you. We really are listening to what you have to say and using it to shape MeetingBurner into the best meeting platform out there.

Happy Meeting!