The 70 word email that got Calacanis to respond (and invite us to LAUNCH)

Earlier this week Jason Calacanis emailed his list “What my auto-responder would say” in which he suggests exactly HOW to break through the noise and get him to respond.

Just for fun we’re sharing the strategy we used to get Jason to respond to MeetingBurner, and ultimately invite us to the inaugural LAUNCH conference.

Here it is in all it’s glory:

Subject line:

“now with 86 second demo (and a bulldog)”


“Jason –

We put together a quick demo for you – first time shown outside of our team.

100% committed to launching exclusive at LAUNCH.

In a player:

Direct link if on iPhone / iPad:

Let me know if you think this might be a good fit and if we should hit
your formal app – keep bugging you because of that email newsletter
call out.”

Not that this needs much of a breakdown, but a few points:

  1. We didn’t take his initial silence for an answer – the email was our third attempt.
  2. We kept it SHORT – 70 words in total.
  3. We wrote a hard-to-miss subject line – (Jason likes Bulldogs. Who doesn’t?)
  4. We made a short, custom video demo for Jason.

And it worked!

The first 10,000 or so users of MeetingBurner came directly from the press coverage at LAUNCH.

PS – Go sign-up for a FREE MeetingBurner account right now to hold your online meetings & webinars in style!

John Rydell.

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