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How to Be a Better Webinar Host

How to be a great webinar host

More often than not, the quality of a webinar comes down to the quality of the host.

The better you are at hosting, the better the webinar, and the higher chance you have at converting attendees and adding value.

So, what does it take to be a great webinar host?

We’ve talked about a lot of this in the past, but we wanted to condense it all into one post to make it easier for you…

How to Be a Better Webinar Host

Rehearse Your Webinar

Preparation is key when it comes to webinar hosting. Before hosting a webinar, you should always conduct a webinar dry-run.

During a dry-run, you go through the entire webinar just like you would if it was live in front of the audience. To do so, you have all participants and speakers present, use the same equipment you’ll be using during the actual webinar, and review the webinar agenda.

The dry-run will allow you to run the actual webinar A LOT more smoothly. Your attendees will thank you for it.

Record the Webinar (And USE the Recording)

A webinar recording can have massive value.

You’ll want to record the webinar for several reasons. It allows those attendees who couldn’t make it the first time to get the content (and take action), allows those who did attend to review it in case they missed something, can double as a lead magnet, and can also provide a learning experience for you.

When you go back and listen to the recording, you’ll see what you did well, and what you could’ve done better. So next time, you’ll be an even better host.

Start Strong

You need to start your webinar off with a bang. There are a few elements to this:

  • Start on time – and “on time” means 5-10 minutes early. This gives you a chance to make sure everything is working, interact with the audience, and give a great first impression.
  • Grab their attention – hook someone from the beginning and they’re far more likely to stick around, and take action, so highlight all of the great things they’ll uncover from attending and tuning out distractions.
  • Hint at something special for later – arouse curiosity and promote “stickyness” by promising a bonus, valuable information, or a discount that will be delivered later or at the end of the webinar.

Be Interactive

The only way to make sure your attendees stay focused, listen to your message, and hopefully take action is to make your webinar interactive.

This makes it more engaging and fun. They can actually play a part in the webinar instead of just listen and watch.

You can make your webinar more interactive by having participants sign in, asking questions and quizzing your audience, doing critiques of specific attendees, and answering questions.

Use Better Slides

Slides play a huge role in the success of your webinar. They are crucial to being a good host.

So, how do you captivate your audience with awesome webinar slides?

  • Don’t overload slides with text – cover the high-level points and use images when helpful. Your verbal presentation should drive the point home
  • Rule of one – your slides should have one main idea
  • Use screenshots, charts, and examples

Do you have other tips for being a better webinar host? Let us know in the comments below!