MeetingBurner’s Facebook webinar promotion tool and other NEW features

Boy, are we excited!

And not just because the McRib is back.

Today, MeetingBurner is rolling out some significant updates and new features – one of which is completely unique to our platform that can drastically boost exposure and attendance on your webinars!

The response from our beta testers has been fantastic.

The MeetingBurner Facebook Webinar Promotion Tool:

We know that many of you host webinars and online meetings to build your list, establish thought leadership and brand loyalty, and sell products to attendees. This exclusive new feature is geared to aid in this pursuit.

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New Full-screen Mode, Improved Sharing Privacy and More!

We’re excited to share the news that our top two requested features have now been implemented! We also made some great infrastructure changes that should make connecting to meetings a smoother process. Thanks to everyone who wrote in with suggestions – we appreciate your feedback!

Full-screen Mode

Our full-screen mode now collapses the modules on the left of the screen so your participants can focus exclusively on your presentation.

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Webinar Analytics-Is Anyone Paying Attention?

Our new Meeting Temperature Analytics feature will revolutionize the way you run webinars. This feature provides:

  • Interaction – Your participants rate your meeting
  • Instant Feedback – You can view their feedback in real time
  • Detailed Analytics – Get a detailed post-meeting analytics report

Are your meeting participants bored? Or are they on the edge of their seats waiting to hear what you say next?

Our awesome new feature – the Meeting Thermometer – will help you find out.

Here’s how it works:

Using a simple slider, your participants rate your meeting, letting you know if you’re hot (or not).

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Beta Updates: Round One (Phew!)

First of all thank you for the good tidings via Twitter – we feed off of your comments and excitement!

We’re working hard to build the best meeting platform in the world and a big THANK YOU to all of our beta users for holding hundreds of new meetings daily, and providing on-point feedback.

So after two weeks of happy chaos, here’s the latest Beta update list live today:

  • End Meeting is now a more logical process and works properly.
  • Skype integrated so you can call into a meeting without a real phone.
  • Improved Sharing App instruction screen that pops up when you startup.
  • We increased the maximum meeting room size to 50 participants.
  • The “hide participants” option for hosts works reliably now.
  • You can easily grant permission to another attendee to share their screen. EG – “Switch meeting host”
  • You can now invite 3 other people via invite system.
  • When you click “Start Sharing” the Sharing App will auto minimize out of the way to the toolbar / dock.
  • For Mac users the Sharing App icon in the dock will properly re-maximize the app when needed.

And the next items on our list that you’ve asked for:

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