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Recorded Webinar Registration + Attendance Duration Tracking

We’re excited to announce two new features that are now LIVE in your back office.

1. Webinar Recording Registration Pages

Requiring registration for live meetings and webinars is nothing new. It’s a great way to build your list and stay connected with registrants before and after your event.

MeetingBurner now gives you the ability to require registration for a recorded meeting or webinar as well.

In your Meeting Recordings archive, choose “Registration Page” from the “Share” dropdown.

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Recurring Webinars and Online Meetings

Have you ever wanted to create a recurring series of webinars or online meetings, allowing associates to register “once and for all?”

It sure would make it easier to coordinate your weekly Monday Meeting, or 4-part webinar series!

Say hello to MeetingBurner’s newest time-and-effort-saving feature.

Scheduling & Registration for a Recurring Event

Our recurring & multi-part event feature makes it easy for you to register and remind your participants of a recurring series of events.

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MeetingBurner’s New Responsive Design + More Updates to Come

MeetingBurner Gets a Makeover

We just rolled out a new responsive design for your MeetingBurner back office. The clean, modern look and improved navigation make for a superior user experience on your computer, tablet, or mobile device.

MeetingBurner's New Back Office DesignIn addition to the new back office design, we’ve got some cool new features coming your way soon…

Updates in the Works

  1. Call controls – Easily mute and unmute individual participants. As host, you’ll be able to see who is making noise on the line.
  2. Better VOIP entry – As you enter the meeting room, we’ll help you pick a mic that will improve the VOIP audio for your meeting.
  3. Downloadable Sharing App – Tired of downloading an applet every time you host a meeting? Our new downloadable sharing app will ensure you no longer have to.
  4. New API – With our API you’ll be able to create meetings, register participants, and retrieve information about any meeting in your account, including participation stats, call logs, and more. If you can’t wait to use the API, contact us now and we can set you up as a beta tester.

We’ll be sure to update you as soon as these changes go live.

Keep the feedback coming and know we’re hard at work making MeetingBurner the best, fastest, and most affordable webinar and online meeting platform in the world.

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MeetingBurner Rolls Out New Platform Enhancements

As many of you have noticed, we’ve been rolling out some new features and performance enhancements over the past few weeks. Here is a list of the most recent changes to our online meeting and webinar platform.

New Features Added:

  1. Meeting recordings titles are now editable – You’ll see a pencil icon next to the title of each meeting in your archive of recordings. Simply click it to edit the title.webinar recordings titles
  2. Save preferred conference numbers - Do you always use your own conference line? That information can now be saved and easily selected for future meetings.
  3. New email formatting - The emails that are sent to your meeting participants have been enhanced to look cleaner and more readable, especially when people reply to them.


Recent Performance Enhancements:

  1. Phone numbers updated – To improve quality we have switched the primary conference number to 949-229-4400. For added security, the existing 949-202-4265 will continue to work and is a great backup option. PINs did not change.
  2. Connection fix – A small percentage of meeting rooms experienced momentary connection issues (participants saw a brief reconnecting message before being brought back to the meeting room). This should no longer happen.


More updates are on the way and we’ll be updating you with the specifics soon. What we can say is that your webinars and meetings will run faster and smoother than ever.

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2 Killer New Features for MeetingBurner

We want to let you know about 2 exciting new features we’ve just rolled out for our Pro and Premier members.

#1 – Custom Registration Fields

You now have the ability to fully customize the fields you’d like displayed on your meeting registration pages. Do you want to know the country of each registrant? No problem. Want to collect a full mailing address? Easy.

But you can get creative as well.

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