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Product Creation – How to Choose the Right Product to Create

Product Creation Tips

Do you have a “flagship” product for your business? In other words, a primary product that your business has become identified with?

Coming up with the right niche to serve, and product to create can propel your  business to the next level.

But it requires careful planning: You need to:

  • Make sure the concept is validated (so you don’t waste time creating something that won’t sell)
  • Aim to solve the right problem
  • Do the research
  • Test

These elements are especially important for creating a flagship product, but they are helpful for any new product release you may be planning.

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Photo of John Rydell

The 70 word email that got Calacanis to respond (and invite us to LAUNCH)

Earlier this week Jason Calacanis emailed his list “What my auto-responder would say” in which he suggests exactly HOW to break through the noise and get him to respond.

Just for fun we’re sharing the strategy we used to get Jason to respond to MeetingBurner, and ultimately invite us to the inaugural LAUNCH conference.

Here it is in all it’s glory:

Subject line:

“now with 86 second demo (and a bulldog)”

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Constant Contact Integration for Seamless MeetingBurner Event Promotion & Management

MeetingBurner is excited to announce our new integration with Constant Contact Event Marketing – a synergy that delivers the easiest and most comprehensive solution for creating, promoting, hosting, and analyzing the success of online events.

Previously available only for in-person meetings and events, Constant Contact’s robust registration and promotional engine can now be used for online MeetingBurner events as well.

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