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I hired my friends and family, and I’d do it again

Not too long ago I searched Google for the phrase “don’t do business with friends.” Back came 1.4 billion results littered with warnings and tales of woe. Eager then to explore the other side of the coin, I deleted the … Continue

John Rydell.

About John Rydell

John Rydell is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience starting and growing technology and telecom companies. John currently spends his time as the President of Networx Online, a CRM-in-the-cloud business that provides online marketing solutions for network marketers. John is also President and co-founder of the sales automation tool, as well as the popular free online meeting provider, You can connect with John via Linkedin or Google+.

Really GoToMeeting? Really?!

Goliath employs shameful tactics to compete against an up-and-coming competitor It’s not uncommon for companies to bid on search terms that include a competitor’s name or URL. But having your competitor’s name IN your ad so it looks like you’re … Continue