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Webinar Planning – Best Practices for Before, During, and After Your Event

webinar planning best practicesWant your webinar to go on without a hitch?

Want to give your audience the best presentation possible, so you can dramatically increase the conversion percentage?

We hope so…

And we have some simple webinar planning and preparation best practices that can help you do exactly that.

These best practices cover the actions you should take in the time before, during, and after your webinar.

We’ve noticed that best webinars hosted on MeetingBurner’s platform follow most of these “best practices”.

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How to Recruit an Influential Guest Presenter for Your Next Webinar

recruiting webinar guest presentersWebinars can be powerful for your business and generate tons of new sales.

But you don’t have to go at it alone.

Adding a knowledgeable (and perhaps well-known) guest presenter can add to your credibility, build your subscriber base, keep the webinar interesting, and help you sell more.

While it might seem like a daunting task to find and recruit the right guest presenter, it’s surely doesn’t have to be.

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5 Quick Tips for Boosting Webinar Registration

Boost Webinar RegistrationYou’ve worked hard to create an awesome webinar, develop your pitch, and now you’re ready to deliver it to a big audience of hungry prospects.

The last thing you want is to be asking yourself, “Where are the hungry prospects?”

While you can be very successful with even a small audience, for most hosts, the more registrants the better. Quality certainly plays a role as well.

Here are some quick webinar registration boosters that will help you fill your webinar with high quality attendees…

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5 Entrepreneurs and Businesses Dominating with Webinars

dominate_with_webinarsEntrepreneurs and businesses everywhere are taking advantage of webinars. In fact, for some, webinars are the complete foundation of their business.

From weekly webinars generating hundreds of thousands of dollars per month, to informative webinars that primarily build the know/like/trust factor, these entrepreneurs and businesses are leveraging online seminars to grow to the next level.

We’ve picked out a few success stories, and outline what they’re up to…

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Why Isn’t EVERYONE Taking Advantage of Webinars?

webinar objections and advantagesHere at MeetingBurner, we LOVE webinars.

We’ve seen all of the ways webinars can benefit a business, and all of the value they bring… attracting new leads, building authority, making sales, establishing loyalty. The possibilities are endless.

But there’s one question we’ve came across that’s baffled us for a while.

If webinars are so great…

Why aren’t more people taking advantage of them?

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