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5 Entrepreneurs and Businesses Dominating with Webinars

dominate_with_webinarsEntrepreneurs and businesses everywhere are taking advantage of webinars. In fact, for some, webinars are the complete foundation of their business.

From weekly webinars generating hundreds of thousands of dollars per month, to informative webinars that primarily build the know/like/trust factor, these entrepreneurs and businesses are leveraging online seminars to grow to the next level.

We’ve picked out a few success stories, and outline what they’re up to…

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Why Isn’t EVERYONE Taking Advantage of Webinars?

webinar objections and advantagesHere at MeetingBurner, we LOVE webinars.

We’ve seen all of the ways webinars can benefit a business, and all of the value they bring… attracting new leads, building authority, making sales, establishing loyalty. The possibilities are endless.

But there’s one question we’ve came across that’s baffled us for a while.

If webinars are so great…

Why aren’t more people taking advantage of them?

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How to Create a Compelling Webinar Call-to-Action that Converts

webinar call to actionThe call-to-action is an essential part of your webinar. Without it, your event ends without purpose or direction. And what a missed opportunity that would be!

A call-to-action tells your attendees exactly what you want them to do next—for example, beta test your product, download your white paper, buy your software, register for your next event, or hire you to consult them.

When is a call-to-action a good one? And when does it fall flat?

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7 Tips to Run an Awesome Webinar

webinar tipsA well-run webinar is one of the most powerful tools in your content-marketing toolbox.

It presents an opportunity for your business to generate massive sales and new leads, build authority, and much, much more.

So, how do you take advantage of this tool and get the most out of your webinar?

That’s what you’ll discover today. After reading, you’ll be well on your way to running an awesome webinar that your customers love.

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Recorded Webinar Registration + Attendance Duration Tracking

We’re excited to announce two new features that are now LIVE in your back office.

1. Webinar Recording Registration Pages

Requiring registration for live meetings and webinars is nothing new. It’s a great way to build your list and stay connected with registrants before and after your event.

MeetingBurner now gives you the ability to require registration for a recorded meeting or webinar as well.

In your Meeting Recordings archive, choose “Registration Page” from the “Share” dropdown.

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