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MeetingBurner Rolls Out New Platform Enhancements

As many of you have noticed, we’ve been rolling out some new features and performance enhancements over the past few weeks. Here is a list of the most recent changes to our online meeting and webinar platform.

New Features Added:

  1. Meeting recordings titles are now editable – You’ll see a pencil icon next to the title of each meeting in your archive of recordings. Simply click it to edit the title.webinar recordings titles
  2. Save preferred conference numbers – Do you always use your own conference line? That information can now be saved and easily selected for future meetings.
  3. New email formatting – The emails that are sent to your meeting participants have been enhanced to look cleaner and more readable, especially when people reply to them.

Recent Performance Enhancements:

  1. Phone numbers updated – To improve quality we have switched the primary conference number to 949-229-4400. For added security, the existing 949-202-4265 will continue to work and is a great backup option. PINs did not change.
  2. Connection fix – A small percentage of meeting rooms experienced momentary connection issues (participants saw a brief reconnecting message before being brought back to the meeting room). This should no longer happen.

More updates are on the way and we’ll be updating you with the specifics soon. What we can say is that your webinars and meetings will run faster and smoother than ever.

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Recordings + Autopilot Meetings = More Leads and Sales

meetingburner autopilot offer

Recording your webinars is a very wise decision.

There are simply too many great ways to use your recordings to let them just float off into the cloud. Like what for example? You can…

  • Give them to registerees who are unable to attend your event
  • Post them on Youtube and Facebook for additional exposure
  • Provide them to attendees who may need to review the content
  • Promote them in email campaigns to future subscribers
  • Leverage them as giveaways to generate opt-ins
  • Embed them on your site for long-tail SEO and traffic generation

…just to name a few.

BUT let’s not forget why webinars have risen to such popularity in the first place.

It’s because they’re LIVE!

The live aspect of webinars is what drives value, attendance, and urgency. It’s what maximizes lead generation and sales! People who attend a live event are far more engaged, watch longer, and are more likely to act than those who simply watch (and sometimes fast-forward through) a recording.

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Autopilot Replay of our Tips and Tricks Webinar

By Popular Demand!

Break out the popcorn.

Due to repeated requests we’ve decided to replay our MeetingBurner Tips and Tricks Movie (okay webinar) on Thursday 8/2 and Tuesday 8/7.

Here are the times you can register for:

Thursday August 2nd

Tuesday August 7th

If you are interested in our Autopilot feature (for “like live” replays) this is the perfect opportunity to see it first hand. Here’s what else we cover:

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WEBINAR: Tricks and Tips for Awesome Meetings and Webinars, Every Time!

MeetingBurner Webinar

We want to make sure that every meeting you run with MeetingBurner is easy, stress-free, and effective… and that you know how to make use of all the great features of our platform.

So, please join us for a webinar on June 26, 2012 at 11am Pacific:

WEBINAR: Tricks and Tips for Awesome Meetings and Webinars, Every Time!

In this 60-minute webinar we’ll cover…

  • Newbie to Expert – the easiest way to practice using MeetingBurner
  • Success Tips – tips and tricks for making your meeting successful
  • Feature Overview – how to get the most out of MeetingBurner’s features
  • Ask Me Anything – preferably about webinars and bbq recipes
Oh… and we will be giving all attendees a SPECIAL OFFER at the end of the meeting! 

Register Now

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