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6 Characteristics of a Profitable Webinar

profitable_webinarsDo you know the differences between a profitable webinar that generates thousands—or even tens of thousands of dollars for your business—and a complete dud?

Some business owners, salespeople, and marketers don’t…

…and it shows in their webinar results.

So then, what makes a profitable webinar? You need more than just an audience and good webinar technology.

Here are 6 webinar characteristics that set the stage for generating some serious profit.

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Recordings + Autopilot Meetings = More Leads and Sales

meetingburner autopilot offer

Recording your webinars is a very wise decision.

There are simply too many great ways to use your recordings to let them just float off into the cloud. Like what for example? You can…

  • Give them to registerees who are unable to attend your event
  • Post them on Youtube and Facebook for additional exposure
  • Provide them to attendees who may need to review the content
  • Promote them in email campaigns to future subscribers
  • Leverage them as giveaways to generate opt-ins
  • Embed them on your site for long-tail SEO and traffic generation

…just to name a few.

BUT let’s not forget why webinars have risen to such popularity in the first place.

It’s because they’re LIVE!

The live aspect of webinars is what drives value, attendance, and urgency. It’s what maximizes lead generation and sales! People who attend a live event are far more engaged, watch longer, and are more likely to act than those who simply watch (and sometimes fast-forward through) a recording.

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I hired my friends and family, and I’d do it again

John, Paul, Kevin, Rachel and Dave

Not too long ago I searched Google for the phrase “don’t do business with friends.”

Back came 1.4 billion results littered with warnings and tales of woe.

Eager then to explore the other side of the coin, I deleted the word “don’t” to search for “do business with friends” and – as if pleading with me to reconsider – Google Suggest appended my query and served up results for “never do business with friends” instead.

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Autopilot Replay of our Tips and Tricks Webinar

By Popular Demand!

Break out the popcorn.

Due to repeated requests we’ve decided to replay our MeetingBurner Tips and Tricks Movie (okay webinar) on Thursday 8/2 and Tuesday 8/7.

Here are the times you can register for:

Thursday August 2nd

Tuesday August 7th

If you are interested in our Autopilot feature (for “like live” replays) this is the perfect opportunity to see it first hand. Here’s what else we cover:

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