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Webinar Analytics-Is Anyone Paying Attention?

Our new Meeting Temperature Analytics feature will revolutionize the way you run webinars. This feature provides:

  • Interaction – Your participants rate your meeting
  • Instant Feedback – You can view their feedback in real time
  • Detailed Analytics – Get a detailed post-meeting analytics report

Are your meeting participants bored? Or are they on the edge of their seats waiting to hear what you say next?

Our awesome new feature – the Meeting Thermometer – will help you find out.

Here’s how it works:

Using a simple slider, your participants rate your meeting, letting you know if you’re hot (or not).

Not only do you get that feedback in real time, you also get a beautiful graph of their average feedback that you can play along with a recording.

In other words, you can go back later and watch your presentation and see exactly what parts went over well, and which ones tanked. (Or, as The Next Web author Cheri Macale more kindly put it in herĀ recent article about MeetingBurner, “which segments might need a bit of sprucing up.”)

In our Meeting Temperature report, we also show you the hottest and coldest 30 seconds of your presentation, letting you instantly see which parts of your presentation are great, and which ones need work.

This feature is going to revolutionize participant feedback and interaction in the webinar industry.

And as MeetingBurner beta users, it’s free for you to use (for now).

To check it out, just login and schedule a meeting.

We hope you love this tool as much as we loved building it, but more than that, we hope it helps you hold even better meetings.

Enjoy the new feature!

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