The Fast & Free Online Meeting Platform

MeetingBurner is a fast and simple online meeting platform that we’re giving away for free.

It takes about 10 seconds to sign up for an account, and you can be hosting a webinar and sharing your screen just a few clicks later.

It’s built in the cloud (with multiple redundancies) to let us compete with the big boys on features, speed, and reliability.

  • Faster. Guests can expect meetings to load ~3x faster than other meeting solutions with no downloads.
  • Simpler. Powerful enough for enterprise, simple enough for grandma - everything works like you always hoped it would.
  • Better. Features that you’d pay for elsewhere we give away for free.
  • Free. Fully featured like enterprise solutions, but free with no ads like other freemium solutions.

Meet our team

Photo of John Rydell

John Rydell

MeetingBurner President & Co-Founder

John began his career with Accenture in 1993, eventually leaving to become the youngest-ever chief operating officer at Mercer Advisors, a financial planning company with $3.7b under management. In 2002, John founded Networx Online, a CRM-in-the-cloud business that provides over 100,000 independent sales reps with critical business tools.

In his free time, John kicks ass at golf, volunteers in his community, and participates as a board member with Gen-Next, a non-profit business organization focused on economic growth, education, and international security.

Recently John was featured in the Ladera Times for donating more than $100,000 to build water wells in Africa through Y-Malawi, and was named Boardroom magazine's “Distinguished President of the Year” in 2011 for serving the Mission Viejo Country Club, in his hometown.

John earned a computer science engineering degree from UCLA.

Photo of Paul Rydell

Paul Rydell

MeetingBurner Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder

Paul is a seasoned vet with years of enterprise software development experience. At Inventa Corporation, he completed a variety of projects focused on high-scale database development for top-tier Internet companies including Overture, ePolicy, Level 3, Portera, and Sun Microsystems.

Paul is responsible for all of MeetingBurner’s technical architecture and has led the development of our patent-pending cloud technology platform.

Paul spends his spare time chasing his 4 kids around the house, volunteering at his church, and refereeing parents as a volunteer little league umpire.

Photo of Kevin Reeves

Kevin Reeves

MeetingBurner Lead Back End Developer & Co-Founder

Kevin is the co-founder and Lead Back End Developer for MeetingBurner.

After receiving his degree from the University of Arizona, Kevin went on to guide the growth and development of numerous startup companies.

Ultimately, he-cofounded Solera Technologies where he led the company through several projects with Fortune 500 clients.

Kevin brings over a decade of software development and project management experience to the table.

He specializes in developing user-friendly applications built on powerful cloud-based systems to support millions of concurrent users.

Photo of Rachel Hechter

Rachel Hechter

MeetingBurner Lead Front End Developer & Co-Founder

Rachel is responsible for MeetingBurner’s front-end development as well as managing software technical support.

Prior to MeetingBurner, Rachel graduated magna cum laude from Georgetown University with a Computer Science degree, worked for a Fortune 500 consulting company, and helped advance the technology of an impoverished Native American reservation through AmeriCorps.

Rachel is a wife and mother who loves the outdoors, and is always up for a game of Ultimate Frisbee.