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5 Habits that Make You a Better Public Speaker

habits to help you become a better public speaker

Are you comfortable with public speaking?

The more comfortable and confident you are when speaking in front of people, the better your webinar presentations will be.

You’ll be able to hook in your audience’s attention, engage them and keep them interested throughout the whole webinar. By doing so, you’ll have a much higher chance of converting those audience members into customers.

Here are 5 habits that can make you a better public speaker…

1. Watch Stand-Up Comedy

Comedians are some of the best public speakers in the world. The good ones know just how to keep their audience on edge, lead them through stories, and deliver the perfect punch line.

Try watching just 5-10 minutes of great stand up comedy per day to expose yourself to a constant stream of people with great public speaking skills.

You can download an app like Spotify, choose a comedy playlist, and listen for a few minutes a day. What an easy and fun(ny) way to become a better public speaker!

2. Watch Ted Talks

It’s difficult to be a great public speaker if you don’t know what great public speaking looks like.

Ted Talks are the perfect solution.

Ted Talks are talks given by experts in 18 minutes or less. So, it’s quite easy to fit in one Ted Talk per day. By doing so, you’ll start to internalize the structure and delivery of great speeches, and you can use these to prepare your own awesome speeches.

You can start with these 11 must-see Ted Talks.

3. Power Posing

Speaking of Ted Talks, have you seen the popular Ted Talk by Amy Cuddy? In it, she talks about the phenomenon of power posing.

Power posing is the act of changing your body language in ways that can increase your confidence. When you do these power poses before speaking (or even just to start your day) you can actually increase your confidence and better prepare yourself for stressful situations (like speaking in front of a crowd).

Here are some power poses to try out:

  • Plant your feed widely, clasp your hands behind the back of your head, and lean back
  • Stand up with your feed wide and hold your hands over your head in a wide position
  • Stand up and lean slightly forward over a table with your hands planted wide on the table

4. Read Quality Public Speaking Books

A strong reading habit will help you no matter what industry you’re in, and especially with public speaking.

If you want to master the skill, you should read at least 4-5 books on the subject. Start by reading 20-30 minutes a day.

As for which books to read, you can check out these 5 books that will make you an awesome public speaker.

5. Go to Toastmasters

It’s time to put those learned skills into practice! Toastmasters is a great way to do that.

At Toastmasters events, you meet up with a group of people and listen to speeches, as well as give your own. There are Toastmasters clubs in many cities across the US, so you can probably find one relatively close to you.

Make it a habit to attend these and put your public speaking skills to the test. You’ll also get great feedback from experiences speakers.

You can go here to find a Toastmasters club near you and get started.


We talk a lot about public speaking skills on this blog, and for good reason. Your webinars will improve as you get better at public speaking.

Start practicing at least a few of these habits, and you’ll dramatically improve your public speaking skills over time.

What other habits have helped you become a better public speaker? Let us know in the comments below!