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5 Ways to Grow Your Email List (To Help You Crush it With Webinars)

Email list building for webinars

Do you have a thriving email list?

If not, are you building one? You should be…

You see, with a thriving email list, it’s much easier to host profitable and successful webinars.

That’s because with a simple email, you can get hundreds or even thousands of registrants. What’s more, you can build trust and pre-sell your email subscribers before you tell them about the webinar.

So, what are some good ways to build your email list so that you can crush it with webinars? That’s precisely what we’ll talk about today.

1. Compelling Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is basically a value offer that compels website visitors to sign up for your email list. It can be something as simple as a webinar recording, a cheat sheet, or a free eBook.

Usually, the simpler and more digestible, the better. In general, people want something for which they can consume quickly and get value.

To create your lead magnet, ask yourself: “What’s a simple, compelling way I can help solve my audience’s problems?”

Perhaps it’s a short cheat sheet about how to rank higher in SEO or a free eBook about how to host an awesome webinar. Whatever the case, the lead magnet should be featured prominently on your website so that it’s easy for visitors to see and opt-in to.

2. Guest Posts

Here, you post an article on somebody else’s website. Naturally, that website should be highly relevant to the niche you serve. Within the article, you link back to your website and perhaps even your lead magnet.

By doing so, you expose your message to a new and relevant audience who is hungry to consume the kind of content that you deliver.

Action tip: Research relevant blogs and websites in your industry. Pick out 10-20 that you’d like to submit a guest post to. Then, starting reaching out one by one.

You can use this message structure:

  1. Quick greeting
  2. Mention an older post from them and why you enjoyed it
  3. Tell them that the reason you’re reaching out is because you’d like to add some value to their audience through a guest post
  4. Provide 3-4 relevant ideas
  5. Tell them you’ll make it as hands-off for them as possible, but of course subject to their approval

You can also research blogs in your niche that are actively pursuing guest posters.

3. Facebook Ads

Once you have a compelling lead magnet, you can run Facebook ads to it in order to get more people to sign up with their email address.

You can also run Facebook Ads to your webinar, where you’ll require an email address to register.

Both of these simple Facebook ad strategies to help grow your email list rapidly.

4. Instagram & Snapchat

If you’re not active on Instagram and Snapchat yet, now is a great time to strongly consider it. Each is growing rapidly, and your audience is sure to be on there.

By posting regular content, videos, and stories, you can reach a wider audience. Then, you can tell them to visit the link in your bio (on Instagram), or paste a simple link into your Snapchat story that directs them to your lead magnet.

5. YouTube Videos

Video will continue to grow on 2017, and you should take advantage. Get in the habit of posting videos consistently. They can be related to your blogs, or new content altogether.

Within the videos, add a call to action to go to your website and subscribe to get your lead magnet.


An email list is a huge asset when it comes to hosting profitable webinars. And, contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t have to be that difficult to build up your email list. With the strategies listed here, you can grow your list quickly and start filling up your webinars with hundreds or even thousands of potential buyers!

What are some other strategies that have worked for you for building your email list? Let us know in the comments below!