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4 Steps to Choosing an Irresistible Webinar Topic

How to Choose an Irresistible Webinar Topic

Tell me, have you ever experienced this?

One second, you’re searching Google about a topic you’re interested in, and you come across a website that fits the problem you want to solve. So, you scan through it, get the info you need, then click away.

Later that day, you check your Facebook feed and BOOM – there’s an ad for a webinar from that same site! And – you guessed it – it seems to provide an even more in-depth solution to your problem. The subject is basically screaming your name.

You think it over for a second, figure “Why not?” and sign up for the webinar.

Now that’s some great marketing.

It all starts with a compelling webinar topic.

While the content of your webinars is vital to success, everything rests on that topic. A killer webinar topic is what earns you greater exposure, more registrations, and sky-high attendance.

So today, we’ll give you one strategy for selecting a topic your audience cannot resist.

Let’s dive in…

1. Scan Your Most Shared Blog Posts

Your most popular and shared blogs are a valuable source of information. They tell you the topics your audience is most interested in.

To find your most shared blog posts, you can simply go to and type in your website. You’ll instantly get the top 4 most shared blogs on your site.

Keep these blogs in mind as you plan your webinar topic. Perhaps your webinar can expand on one of these posts, or go in-depth on a specific point with the posts.

You should also look at the blog posts that generate the most comments or the most enthusiastic conversation. Facebook posts/comments are another good place to look.

2. Scan Your Most Popular Emails

Your most popular emails tell you what your audience is reading and clicking on. They give you the inside track on which subjects work and which don’t.

If you’re measuring your open/clickthrough rates (and you should be) pick through your top 4-5 email subjects and email click-through rates, and analyze them. Are they around a specific set of topics? Are they list-themed? Is there anything that makes them stand out from your average emails?

3. Do Google Keyword Research

Once you do the previous two steps, you’ll have an idea of which topics your audience really vibes with. But just because your audience vibes with an idea, doesn’t mean they’ll watch the webinar.

You still need to get the right wording down. That’s where Google Keyword Planner comes into play.

You can plug in several phrases based on your potential topics, and see which phrases people are searching for.

For example, let’s say your audience is really interested in what to eat before working out at the gym…

In Google Keyword Planner, you could type: “What to eat before a gym workout.”

You’ll find some relevant keywords that get around 8k searches per month, like “pre-workout food,” “pre-workout for men,” and “pre-workout shake.” Then, there’s a term that stands alone with 22k monthly searches: “pre workout meal.”

In this case, you’d probably want to include the phrase “pre workout meal” in your webinar topic!

You can use the most popular keyword phrases in your survey in the next step…

4. Survey Your List

Now you know what problems and topics your audience is most interested in. It’s time to survey your list. Asking is a powerful thing!

You can start by sending them a 2-question survey.

Question 1: What do you need the most help with?

This should be a multiple-choice answer (where they can select up to 2-3 options). For the options, choose 5-7 topics, which you’ve collected through the previous steps.

Question 2: Briefly explain your answer(s)

Ask them to explain their answer from the first question. You’ll get some valuable info here.

Now, along with the first three steps and the answers to your survey you’ll have all the intel you need to select a topic your audience – and a broader audience – wants to see. Turn that topic into the most compelling webinar title (headline) you can, and you’ve got a topic people won’t be able to resist.


Will your webinar be a boom or a bust? A major factor is your webinar topic. Use these tips to choose a compelling webinar topic that your audience can’t resist.

What other strategies have you used to come up with great webinar topics? Let us know in the comments below!